Tiers: a new fantasy baseball app for CBSSports.com

What is tiers?

Tiers is a fantasy baseball app designed to help fantasy baseball players organize their draft into… well… tiers. It only works in the CBSSports.com App Central environment so you need you join a league there if you want to see it in action.

If you’re here because it’s not working properly, you can go to the main page and fill out the contact form there. The app uses jQuery/AJAX to save and to keep the app as a one page form, but things can possibly go wrong from time to time so I definitely want to hear from you.

Why tiers?

In my experience, some people seem so disorganized on draft day, with barely a sense of what to do after the third round or so. This can completely be prevented through some basic organization. Yes, you could simply have a list of your favourite 300 players in order, but that doesn’t take into account the scarcity of certain players as they become available.

For instance, in a draft I was at last year the best starting pitchers got taken way too early. My plan had been to snatch up one of these guys, but since they were all gone I had to go to plan B. I noticed that because the pitchers had gone, there were several outfielders available that would otherwise have been taken. I took the outfielders instead, and long story short I lost the season miserably. But the point was I was prepared for the pitching problem. I wasn’t prepared for my 3 first picks to have career worst seasons.