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Who I am

I am a freelance web developer and jaypaper.com serves as the host to the different projects I am working on or have completed in the past. I am always looking for new projects, big or small, so feel free to send me an e-mail and we can look into whatever it is you have in mind.

In the past I’ve worked on apps like Euchre for the Windows Store, and I worked on a baseball app for the CBSSports store.

Baseballl bat used in a jaypaper app

I like working on web projects, which is why I do it I guess. Maybe one day I’ll learn how to design a web site and I can start making some money. Hopefully WordPress will do for now.

What is jaypaper

I thought of jaypaper orginally as a way of rebranding my web applications. I put a huge effort into making these things work properly so I don’t want to say “well, I make apps and stuff” because it doesn’t sound like a good fit. I’d rather feel like I was building a brand and showing everybody how useful some of these things can be. jaypaper is about putting a higher degree of effort into anything that fits into the brand, which is just about everything.

What’s in store

I like sports and games, so my hobby projects are always centred around that theme.  Fantasy sports, in particular, is this huge market that is underserved with easy and useful software.  Hopefully there will be more of that.

Frankly, I need more things I can point to and say “I did that”.  Being a back-end developer most of the time, my work gets hidden behind everyone else’s work and it’s hard to show somebody exactly what I’ve done.  I worked at LeagueToolbox but if you go to the site you won’t be able to see any of my work. I worked on felconline but again, my work is hidden. I’d like to make more stuff that stands on its own.

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